MYSCOOP LABS LTD is a technology company providing innovative solutions in crowdsourcing, authentication, and monetisation of digital content.

Our Product, Our Mission

The myScoop app is a storytelling platform for authentic mobile videos and photos. Our mission is to boost creativity of content creators, extend the ingest solutions for content seekers, allowing for innovation in genuine content sharing.  

Content creators (Our Scoopers), such as the independent activists, mobile/citizen journalists, stringers, or just the local eyewitnesses to hot stories happening around, can sell their authentic footage on our platform. Content seekers (Our Partners), such as media organisations and newsrooms, can increase their storytellers globally using our hiring technology. We bridge the link between them and “on-the-ground" content creators, who wish to share real stories, in record time, and at the lowest costs.  

While we believe that every story matters, we stand against yellow journalism and the spread of  misleading content. Our app does not permit users to publish footage saved in their galleries to further verify the content. We rely on real-time mobile camera capturing to authenticate the occurrence of events. We assist scoopers reveal the “Five ‘W’s + H”; “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,”, “Why” and “How” to guarantee a real scoop. We also promote the other opinion by highlighting the right of reply to every scoop. 

At MYSCOOP we strive to reinvent citizen journalism, and we are keen on working along side with media organisations to strategise what mobile tools can benefit their sources in doing their mission. 

Official Slogan: Your Story Matters. Vlog It.

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