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myScoop makes it perfect to collect genuine content
from your field reporters and send cash rewards.

Ask your field reporters to verify their locations, engage with them anywhere they go, and possess exclusive content anytime you want!

  • One scooper in a specific location

  • All available scoopers around a location

  • All active scoopers in a country

  • All active worldwide scoopers

  • Limit the mission to your followings only

Full control over your content and team through our Content Management System

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Let us promote your in-app presence to maximise
your reach and engagements

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open global discussions

Every story matters. Engage the target audience with your daily reports and earn video replies from them.

Who can have a partner account

Media Outlets
Media Outlets

Including TVs, Newsrooms, Digital Journals, News Websites, and Online Channels.

Local Authorities
Local Authorities

Such as police forces and city councils willing to increase resident engagement.

Global Brands
Global Brands

Commercial brands willing to gather video feedbacks and reviews from their customers.


NGOs, Research Centres, Think Tanks, Data Centres, Humanitarians, Journalism Institutes, etc.

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